Formulate the basic rules of behavior of people in the mountains

You can’t go to the mountains alone, it is very dangerous. Before you go on mountain routes with friends, you need to make sure that none of the companions have problems with blood pressure and heart disease. It is advisable to always have a medical kit with you; if you have a great desire to walk the mountain route for the first time, but there is no way to join experienced tourists, find a professional guide who can safely guide you through the most interesting trails and tell about everything that meets on the way; find out the weather forecast before going out on a route; if the weather worsens, get down faster rather than climbing up. If you feel the approach of a thunderstorm, then go away further into the valley and remember that a lone wet tree can also “pull” lightning to itself on mountain routes, carefully monitor the road and look under your feet, especially after rain; in the mountains you need to walk along famous paths, not look for adventure – meeting wild animals. Do not try to go to those places where the tourist’s foot has rarely stepped, you can get into a trap forgotten by the poacher, going to the mountains, plan the initial route less saturated with high mountains, choose it according to your experience and your equipment, and do not try to go around and see everything at once. In the coming days, it will be possible to increase the load and get to know what remains “behind the scenes” today, you cannot give in to the temptation to ride on the “snowfields”, which are often stored in the mountains until the end of summer, as well as take pictures on snow cornices and walk on snow bridges that form below waterfalls do not climb on stone blocks and rocks without insurance – this is unsafe, you can slip; you can’t stay overnight high in the mountains, in an emergency it’s hard to go down quickly

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