Formulate the main provisions of the evolutionary theory of Lamarck.

Points of the evolutionary theory of Lamarck:
• The first organisms came from inorganic nature through spontaneous generation. Their further development led to the complication of living beings.
• All organisms have a desire for perfection, originally laid down in them by God. This explains the mechanism of complication of living beings.
• The process of spontaneous generation of life continues constantly, which explains the simultaneous presence in nature of simple and more complex organisms.
• The law of exercise and non-exercise of organs: the constant use of an organ leads to its enhanced development, and non-use leads to weakening and disappearance.
• The law of inheritance of acquired attributes: changes that arise under the influence of constant exercise and non-exercise of organs are inherited. So, Lamarck believed, for example, the long neck of a giraffe and the blindness of a mole were formed.
He considered the direct influence of the environment to be the main factor in evolution.

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