Founding of the Assyrian kingdom

• During the reign of Adad-nirari I (1307-1274), the role of the city council fell and the king’s influence continued to grow. The ruler appropriated the title “king of the multitudes” and became the founder of the Assyrian state, formed a strong army + rebuilt the capital of Ashur. Adad-nirari I defeated the Kutiy, Lulumey and seized the state of Mittani.
• In the XIII century. BC. under King Shalmaneser I (1274-1245) in Assyria, the processes of the formation of a centralized state are completed + brutal predatory raids to intimidate
• In the mountains of Assyria, mines are opened -> providing for the army -> the first wave of Assyrian conquests. Babylonia -> Mitanni was the first to suffer (led to death in 1250 BC)

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