Germany after World War II

the territory of Germany was divided into 4 zones. Its management was carried out by the CFM (Council of Foreign Ministers). In 1947, a peace treaty was signed with Germany, 1955 with Austria. By decision of the Control Council, Germany was no longer supposed to be a threat to the world.
Controversy over the future of Germany grew more and more. The USSR was not happy with the Soviet plan for Germany, and the US with the Soviet. The confrontation led in 1949 to the formation of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) in the West and the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in the East. Thus, 3 \ 2 of Germany appeared in Europe, and if in reality then three, since Berlin was also divided
The decisive role in the collapse of Germany was played by the introduction in the Western Zone of the Western Mark, as well as the accession of the Western Zone to the Marshall Plan. The Soviet Union responded by introducing its own currency in the Eastern zone. In August 1949 elections to the Bundestag / parliament /, September 7, 1949 in the Western zone proclaimed the Federal Republic of Germany, became the chancellor of the CDU leader Konrad Adenauer. In 1955 the FRG joined NATO.
The economists of the Federal Republic of Germany let the country’s economy float freely. This gave results. 50s, 60s called the years of the “German economic miracle”. More than 55% of West Germans identified themselves as middle class. It was spoiled only by the world economic crises.

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