Give a comparative description of such landforms as a watershed, floodplain, and fill out the table

An object Watershed

On the example of the Valdai Upland


On the example of Izhora

Comparison plan
1. The nature of the surface, the degree of soil moisture The Valdai Upland is very boggy, the northwestern slope is steep, and the southeast gently sloping. The relief is hilly and ridged , many lakes The left bank of Izhora is composed mainly of alluvial soils formed in floodplain meadows.
2. The location of water in relation to the surface of the earth Here passes the watershed of the Volga, Dnieper and Baltic Sea basins. The river begins from here: Volga, Zapadnaya Dvina, Dnieper, Lovat , Msta, Pola, Syas Mologa and others. It originates on the Izhora Upland
3. Vegetation (species composition) Estesstvenno ecosystem Valdai are ments indicators deciduous forests Bulrush, cattail, sedge, water lilies
4. Fauna (species composition) Squirrels, muskrats, martens, moles, hares, etc. beavers, birds
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