Give examples of legal provisions that differ in the nature of legal prescriptions. What do they have in common?

Legal norms regulate relationships in various spheres of social relations. In this case, their classification takes on a special role. It allows not only to understand the functions of legal norms and their place in the mechanism of legal regulation, but also to determine the limits and possibilities of the impact of the law on public relations.
By the nature of legal prescriptions, legal norms can be divided into the following three groups.
Norms – permissions. With the help of these norms, the boundaries of possible behavior are established, the rights of participants in public relations, the level of authority of officials, public authorities, public organizations, enterprises and institutions are determined.
Norms – requirements. Determine the responsibilities of the various participants in public relations.
Norms are prohibitions. These norms include those that unconditionally prohibit certain actions that violate the inalienable rights of an individual, state, society.

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