Give examples of offspring care that you yourself observed in wildlife or in your pets.

Unlike wild animals, some species of which can even abandon barely appearing offspring, pets show amazing affection and care for their cubs. Some of them really deserve attention, since caring for offspring sometimes acquires a strange character from a human point of view.
Wild and domestic cats are strong and independent predators, and even small domestic breeds in some cases show amazing strength and courage. But everything changes from the moment when the domestic cat brings posterity. She not only protects and protects her kittens, but is ready to protect them even at the cost of her own life.
But the most interesting thing is the attitude of cats (especially just having survived childbirth) to calves of other species. Cases when a cat treats its kittens, puppies and even chickens with equal love. By the way, cats as males do not take part in the upbringing and care of offspring.
As among representatives of the cat family, in dogs, the care of the offspring lies entirely with the mother. But unlike indifferent cats, males are very friendly to puppies and even protect them in times of danger. The rest of the males perform only fertilization functions.
In females, maternal instincts are quite well developed, and the mother takes care of the puppies until they become completely independent. Despite the too strong custody of even adult puppies, bitches always allow the owner to their offspring. But to other people, even previously friendly bitches will be aggressive.

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