Give examples of prominent people from different races. Fill the table

Field of activity Caucasoid race Mongoloid race Negroid race
Politicians Mikhail Gorbachev, Angela Merkel , Charles de Gaulle Mao Dzedong , Yasser Arafat, Akihito Nelson Mandella , Martin Luther King, Barack Abama
Actors Nikita Mikhalkov, Bridget Bardot , Jean-Paul Belmondo Bruce L. and, Jackie Chan, Miura Haruma Damon Waynes , Eddie Murphy , Vanessa Williams
Musicians Ludwig van Beethoven, Mstislav Rastropovich Niccolo Paganini Vanessa May , Victor Tsoi Louis Armstrong , Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendricks
Athletes Michael Schumacher, Andre Agassi , Sergey Bubka Park Ji Sung , Konstantin Ju Mohamed Ali, Michael Jordan , Pele
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