Give examples of the similarity of structural features in embryos of different classes of vertebrates.

All multicellular organisms develop from a fertilized egg. The processes of fertilization and development of the embryos of various animals proceed in much the same way. Such facts can only be explained by the common origin of all living things.
Let us trace the similarity between the embryos of representatives of various classes of vertebrates. At earlier stages of development, remarkably similar body contours, the presence of the tail and primordia of the extremities, a similar head shape, and gill pockets on the sides of the pharynx are noted.
The embryos of the gorilla and human apes are similar at first. Later, in the human embryo, the forehead protrudes forward, and the distribution of the hair is determined, and in the gorilla embryo, prominent jaws are noticeably revealed. The divergence of signs is observed in the individual development of all vertebrate animals

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