Great empires of antiquity (name, period of existence and achievements)

Name Time of existence (flourishing) Achievements
Babylonian kingdom XVIII century. BC e. Hammurabi’s laws
Egypt of the New Kingdom period XVI century. BC e. The reign of Thutmose III. Active aggressive policy
Hittite kingdom XIV-XIII centuries. BC e. Hittites were the first to learn to work with iron
Assyria VIII-VII centuries. BC e. The Assyrian army is the strongest and most well-organized. Active aggressive policy
New Babylonian kingdom VII-VI centuries. BC e. Large-scale construction in Babylon ( zikkurat Eta-menanki , Hanging Gardens of Babylon, gates Ishtar and t. D.)
Persian Power VI-IV centuries. BC. Creation of an effective management system, the emergence of religion – Zoroastrianism


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