Grind the raw potato tuber to gruel. Take three test tubes and put a small amount of chopped potatoes in each.

Place the first tube in the refrigerator freezer, the second on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, and the third in a jar of warm water (t = 40 ° C). After 30 minutes, remove the tubes and drop a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into each drop. Observe what will happen in each tube. Explain the results
This experiment illustrates the activity of the catalase enzyme of a living cell on hydrogen peroxide. The reaction produces oxygen. The dynamics of the allocation of bubbles can be judged on the activity of the enzyme.
Experience allowed us to record the following results:
Catalase activity depends on temperature:
Test tube 1: no bubbles – this is because, at low temperature, the potato cells collapsed.
Test tube 2: there are a small number of bubbles – because the activity of the enzyme at low temperature is low.
Test tube 3: there are many bubbles, the temperature is optimal, catalase is very active.

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