How are human abilities manifested?

A person’s ability is a psychological feature that is related to success in a particular activity. Every person has abilities, and they are definitely different from other people’s abilities. If, for example, a person likes to dance, draw, knit, build, write poems, and so on. By developing these abilities in oneself, one can achieve very high results. What does this person need? Just simple, make an effort and day after day, go to your goal, developing this or that ability in yourself. If this is a child, then here you can not do without the help of parents. It is parents who, noting the talent of their child, they must help him, develop the ability.
Abilities have a complex structure. The makings in psychology are the anatomical and physiological, psychophysiological features. Characteristic:
1. Temperament may become predominant in career choice. Phlegmatic people are successful in one area, sanguine people in another.
2. The innate features of the sensory system are makings. If a person distinguishes colors well, shades he can become an artist.
Inclinations do not affect a person’s life path. Features:
1. Only with vigorous activity can a subject develop a potential and manifest it. If a person wants to become a musician, he practices playing musical instruments, in order to become an artist, an individual tries to create paintings.
2. The development of activities. If a person has the inclinations to work with wood, but he does not learn various methods of processing, working with hand tools, he will never become a carpenter.
The learning process must begin in childhood.
1. There are activities to which a person shows a strong tendency. He wants to deal with them as much as possible, without paying attention to other important matters. Addictions allow you to achieve results in a certain direction, since the person will go through obstacles to achieve the desired result.
2. In addition to the real ones, there are imaginary inclinations. Most often these are desires caused by a feeling of envy.
In psychology, two types of abilities are distinguished:
1. General – intelligence, memory, attention. Their development is influenced by perseverance, independence, determination.
2. Special – associated with a specific type of activity. Develop rapidly in the presence of practice.
Stages of development of inclinations:
1. Reproductive – during training, a person performs template actions. In this situation, a person can become a master in an interesting field, but his manipulations will be standard.
2. Creative – when developing inclinations, an individual departs from imposed stereotypes and standards, and comes up with his own scenario of actions. Such people reach great heights and are distinguished by extraordinary thinking.
There are a number of characteristic signs of abilities that will help distinguish them from inclinations, inclinations and talents:
• willingness to overcome problems, obstacles to the intended result;
• high speed of training;
• a peculiar approach to doing things;
• obtaining original results;
• motivation for the chosen activity;
• a large energy reserve for fulfilling the assigned tasks – an enthusiastic person does not feel tired.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.