How are the concepts of “dream” and “desire” related?

Every person at least once in his life had a dream. And every person desires every day. These concepts are very similar, but still they are not synonyms.

What is desire? Desire is a regular and simple phenomenon that induces certain actions. For example, the desire to go to the cinema or on weekends to go out of town for a picnic. That is, in other words, desire is something superficial, easily achieved. When a person satisfies his desire, it will always bring him joy. What you can easily achieve by making small efforts, depending mainly only on yourself. Desire is also related to need. For example, there was a need to satisfy hunger and a desire to go to a restaurant.

As for the dream, this term is less simple to implement. A dream very rarely ceases to be it and rarely becomes a reality. Otherwise, it just loses its meaning.

A dream is an established image of something necessary and important, but impossible at the moment. A dream is something unattainable, difficult to achieve. It is directly related to the imagination, therefore it is individual. On the way to your dream, you can set many goals, achieving which you will gradually approach it. Often the one who often dreams a lot is considered a frivolous, frivolous person, because if you only talk about the dream and do nothing to realize it, the dream will forever remain a dream.

The very existence of a dream is important in order to correctly set life guidelines, clearly set a goal for yourself and go to it. But it is important to remember that if a dream comes true, there is no guarantee that it will bring you satisfaction and joy, because a dream is something unknown that a person has never experienced before. A dream becomes a motivation for action. The magnitude of the dream depends on many factors: on the determination of a person, on his age, and, of course, the most important factor is the material component. Most often, it is the lack of a material foundation that is the main stumbling block to the dream. For one person to buy a house on the ocean is just a desire, and for another – a pipe dream. A trip to the sea is a dream for a child, and a desire for an adult.

The main similarity of dreams and desires is that in order to achieve both, one needs to make an effort. But a dream rarely comes true, because what we dream about is a fantasy game. A person who dreams of flying into space understands perfectly well that no matter how much he dreams about it, this will never come true for certain reasons beyond his control.

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