How are the different levels of organization of living matter interconnected?

When answering the question about the interconnection of different levels of organization of living matter, it should be borne in mind that each level of organization is determined by a group of system-forming factors, i.e., factors that are leading in the formation of this system (for example, water is a system-forming factor in the formation of aquatic ecosystems) . But, in fact, there is always a group of interconnected system-forming factors (in relation to water, this is temperature, salinity, osmotic pressure of water). The unifying factor within each level of the organization is the metabolism and energy characteristic of this level. However, despite the specificity of each of the levels of organization, they are all interconnected and subject to the general laws of existence of living matter. Each subsequent level of organization is a consequence of the previous one (for example, the cellular level of organization follows from the molecular level). The factor uniting all levels of organization into a single whole – the biosphere – is the biotic metabolism.

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