How can we use the achievements of biotechnology in the national economy?

Ways of using the protein of microorganisms for feeding farm animals are found. Microbial preparations have been isolated that enhance the intake of nitrogen from the air in the soil. The discovery of new methods for producing hereditarily modified forms of beneficial microorganisms has made it possible to more widely use microorganisms in agricultural and industrial production, as well as in medicine. Especially promising is the development of genetic, or genetic, engineering. Her achievements have ensured the development of biotechnology, the emergence of highly productive microorganisms that synthesize proteins, enzymes, vitamins, antibiotics, growth substances and other products necessary for animal husbandry and crop production. In existing feed rations, protein, essential amino acids and vitamins are not always enough. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce these substances into the feed in the form of certain preparations, in particular those obtained with the help of microorganisms. Scientists are attracted by the question of obtaining fodder protein by microbial synthesis.
Production of nitragin and rhizotorfin. These bacteria in symbiosis with legumes are able to fix the free nitrogen of the atmosphere, turning it into compounds easily digestible by the plant. Microorganisms in the soil form a complex biocenosis, in which they are in a complex relationship.

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