How can weather, animals, plants and people threaten the life of an apple tree?

Threats to the life of the apple tree:
* from animals: pests eat fruits, leaves, drink juices from leaves, damage roots, infect with diseases (scab)
* from plants: weeds take some of the nutrients; covering the soil, prevent normal air exchange for the roots
* from the weather: prolonged rains – waterlogging of the soil (decay of roots, growth of weeds); drought – oppression of the plant, slowing down of all processes (falling and yellowing of leaves, falling of fruits and flowers); spring frosts do not provide an opportunity for pollination of flowers (the life of insects depends on temperature – they are cold-blooded); early frosts in autumn – plants will not have time to prepare for winter and may die
* from people: lack of care – pruning, weeding, fertilizing, loosening, shortens the life of the plant, decreases the yield and quality of fruits.

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