How can you achieve mutual understanding and respect for each other in family life?

It is possible to achieve mutual understanding, to maintain love and respect for each other in family life, following the following tips from psychologists:
• never quarrel, even in critical situations;
• if you don’t like something, don’t swear, but try to explain yourself;
• do not try to re-educate each other, do not force each other to change existing habits, of course, not to the detriment of others;
• Do not criticize each other, especially in the presence of strangers;
• value each other;
• give each other signs of attention, do not forget to thank each other (for a delicious dinner, for help with washing), make a little surprise (give flowers, a tie);
• do not assume that you are right until you evaluate the situation through the eyes of the other side;
• be polite: everything that is rude can be tactfully said; swearing is the psychological, moral destruction of another person; swearing is unacceptable in the family;
• constantly communicate, and not be silent, talk about how you feel, what you think, what bothers you, do not accumulate irritation, if you don’t like something, directly say so;
• remember only the good, be able to forgive each other;
• protect your health, your own and those close to you;
• warn others about their bad mood or fatigue; try to quickly bring yourself back to normal (take a shower, relax), do not vent tiredness or irritation at loved ones.

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