How did Hitler get the parliamentary majority he needed to change the constitution?

In February 1933, the Nazis set fire to the Reichstag, and the communists, led by Georgy Dimitrov, were accused of arson. The version was such that arson was supposedly supposed to serve as a signal for a communist uprising. And although it was not possible to prove involvement in Dimitrov’s conspiracy at the Leipzig trial, thousands of communists, including members of the Reichstag, were arrested. It was the arrest of left-wing deputies that allowed Adolf Hitler to gain an advantage in parliament. He received the right to make a constitutional decision, according to which the government had the right to make laws. And then Hitler “turned around on a grand scale”; completely rebuilt the political system of Germany, abolished civil rights and freedoms, thousands of Social Democrats were sent to prisons and camps, all officials were now appointed only with the consent of the NSDAP (German National Socialist Workers’ Party), aka the Nazi Party.

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