How did the birth of statehood take place? What role did wars play in this process?

The first states arose where the leaders and their assistants also became the leaders of economic life. So it was in those places where for agriculture it was necessary to build and maintain complex irrigation facilities in good condition.
Some villages of farmers turned into large settlements. Walls of stone were erected around them. Such settlements resembled cities. The cities became the residence of the tribal leaders, from where they ruled the district under their control. In the center of such a city, one or more temples usually rose, which were considered the dwellings of the gods. The gods of the sun, wind and rain were in special honor, who ruled, as it was believed, natural phenomena, on which the life of farmers and herders largely depended.
One of the oldest settlements (VIII millennium BC) was discovered in the city of Jericho in Palestine. Around ancient Jericho, in which about 3 thousand people lived, they built walls of stone up to 3 m thick. An even larger urban-type settlement Chatal-Guyuk (Chatal-Huyuk) existed in the 7th-6th millennia BC. in Asia Minor. Houses made of sun-dried clay bricks were built here close to each other, there were no streets, and the doors were on the roof.

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