How did the Delhi Sultanate come about? What were the main contradictions that undermined the power of this state?

In the V – VII centuries. on the territory of India there were about fifty states at war with each other. Later, a relatively unified state was formed here. From the end of the VIII – the beginning of the IX century. the troops of the Arab Caliphate, and then individual Muslim rulers, began to make campaigns against India. Small Muslim states were formed in the north of India.
In 1206, a military leader of one of the Muslim rulers declared himself a sultan, making the city of Delhi his capital. Gradually, the power of the Delhi Sultanate spread to the whole of North and Central India, and at times also encompassed South India. Much of Indian land was distributed between Muslim warriors and mosques. Indian rulers had to obey the Muslims. The entire state apparatus, like the army, consisted of Muslims. However, despite the spread of Islam in India, the bulk of the population still remained faithful to Hinduism. The confrontation between Hinduism and Islam, the incompatibility of life customs, norms of behavior determined by these religions, led to the weakening of the Delhi Sultanate.

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