How did the existence of a plantation slave economy affect the economic and spiritual life of American society?

The Industrial Revolution hardly touched the South. Slavery destroyed black families – when slaves were sold, members of the same family ended up with different owners. And yet, negro slaves created their own special art, their own religion, and most of the slaves managed to keep their families together. Negro slaves responded to the merciless exploitation and torture with uprisings or flight to the North or to Canada. The bloodiest was the uprising of Nat Turner in Virginia in 1831. This slave took seriously the words from the Bible: “The first will be the last, and the last will be the first” – and believed that he was destined by God to free his people. The uprising was suppressed by the troops, it cost a lot of blood and white and black
The plantation economy worked for the market and became part of American capitalism, its peculiarity.

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