How did the life of the primitive community change?

Approximately 100 thousand years ago, the temperature dropped sharply on Earth and the last ice age began. It lasted until the 10th millennium BC. e.
During the glaciation in Europe, only for a short summer period the land thawed, and sparse vegetation made its way on it. However, it was enough to feed large herbivores – mammoths, woolly rhinos, bison, reindeer.
It was impossible to hunt mammoths and other large animals, to build houses alone. Dozens of people were needed, organized and disciplined. People began to live in tribal communities. Such a community included several large families, forming a clan. The tribal community had common dwellings, tools, food supplies.
The communities were ruled by the wisest members of the family – the elders.
They had great life experience, kept ancient traditions and customs. The elders made sure that all members of the clan followed the established rules of conduct, so that no one claimed the share of another in the distribution of food, clothing and place in the dwelling.

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