How did the living conditions of the inhabitants of Athens and Sparta differ in the 7th-6th centuries? BC e.?

a) Athens differed from Sparta in that the main occupations were not agriculture and war, but craft and trade. The Athenians were skilled craftsmen in the processing of bronze
and iron, in navigation and shipbuilding. The Athenian farmers cultivated little grain, but a lot of olive grapes. Wine and olive oil were exported, grain was bought in Egypt and the Black Sea region.
b) Athens could not exist without sea trade, so the rulers had a powerful fleet.
c) In the schools of Athens, oratory, reading, writing and exercise were valued.

Comparison line Athens Sparta
Main occupations Agriculture, craft, trade Warfare
Use of slave labor After Solon’s reforms, only imported slaves remained The Spartans kept their fellow tribesmen in slavery – the rivers
Achievements Oratory, reading, writing, sports, culture, architecture were appreciated Only the art of war was appreciated. The Spartans were illiterate, but very disciplined, persistent and hardy



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