How did the United States of America originate?

In 1492, the existence of America became known in medieval Europe after Christopher Columbus visited the islands of the West Indies and, during his second trip in 1493, personally landed on the island. Puerto Rico, now the state associated with the United States, In 1498, John Cabot made a sea voyage to the shores of modern New England, and in 1513 the Spanish navigator Juan Ponce de Leon reached the shores of Florida. With the arrival of Europeans, the colonial history of America began. Most colonies formed after 1600. The Spaniards built small-sized settlements in Florida and the southwest, and the French built along the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. By the 1770s, thirteen British colonies contained 2.5 million people along the Atlantic coast east of the Appalachians.
At the dawn of its independence, the United States in 1776 consisted of only thirteen states, which were formed from the British colonies. After independence in 1776, they had to fight twice with Great Britain in the War of Independence and in the War of 1812. According to the Paris Peace Treaty of 1783, Britain officially recognized US independence, but until the end of the Second Anglo-American War in 1815, it continued to support the Allied Indian tribes who resisted the US Army.
Immediately after the end of the War of Independence, the expansion of the United States began in the western direction, supported by the faith of the Americans in an explicit design, according to which God predetermined the existence of their state in America in the territory from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. The main territory of the United States was formed by 1912, when the last state, Arizona, was formed in their continental part. By this time, the territory of the states of Alaska and Hawaii also already belonged to the United States, but in the status of states they were accepted into the Union in 1959.

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