How does addiction to tobacco and other narcotic substances develop?

Among narcogenic substances, a special group consists of drugs and toxic substances – the strongest poisons that poison the body.
Their deceit lies in the fact that they, quickly involved in the metabolism, violate it and become necessary for the body. After drug intoxication, when the drug ceases to act, the inhibition of the centers of positive emotions leads to a sharp excitation of the centers of negative emotions (the law of mutual induction of excitation — inhibition). At the same time, the addict experiences not only mental discomfort, but also physical suffering. There is a state of withdrawal (reaction to drug withdrawal). Addicts call this condition brittle. Abstinence is accompanied by unbearable pain in the neck, bones, abdomen, joints. Pain can be relieved only by introducing a new dose of the drug, each time with a larger and larger dose. Then breaking begins again. There is a vicious circle from which it is very difficult for an addict to escape. Only persistent treatment by a narcologist and a psychotherapist gives a chance for a cure.

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