How does email work?

Any Internet user can register a mailbox on one of the Internet servers (usually the provider’s mail server), which will store transmitted and received emails.
To work with e-mail, special mail programs are required, and there are a large number of mail programs for any computer platform. Mail programs are included in widely used communication packages: OutlookExpress is included in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Messenger is included in Netscape Communicator.
The mail program is used to create a mail message on the local computer. At this stage, in addition to writing the text of the message, you must specify the address of the recipient of the message, the subject of the message and attach files to the message, if necessary.
The process of sending a message begins by connecting to the Internet and delivering the message to your mailbox on a remote mail server. The mail server will immediately send this message through the Internet mail server system to the recipient’s mail server in their mailbox.
To receive the letter, the addressee must connect to the Internet and deliver mail from his mailbox on a remote mail server to his local computer.
Mail programs usually provide the user with numerous additional services for working with mail (selection of addresses from the address book, automatic mailing of messages to specified addresses, etc.).

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