How does syphilis become infected and what is the course of this disease?

Syphilis infection occurs not only through sexual contact, but also when the causative agent of the disease, pale treponema, enters the bloodstream of a healthy person through small abrasions on the skin. This can happen when using dishes, clothes, shaving accessories, cigarettes and other things that the patient had, as well as kisses. Signs of the disease appear 3-4 weeks after infection. At the site of the invading infection, a dense abrasion or ulcer is formed – a hard chancre. It is painless and sharply demarcated from healthy tissue. Soon, the hard chancre disappears without any treatment, and the person feels healthy. But this condition is misleading. The causative agent spreads throughout the body, and after 1-2 weeks, a rash periodically appears on the skin. Then it passes, but after some time headaches, bone pains may begin. In advanced cases, the nerve tissue of the spinal cord is affected, the sensitivity of the legs is lost, the nose fails, the teeth are affected, and severe lesions of the skin and internal organs appear. Syphilis is inherited. Nowadays, syphilis is successfully treated. However, the success of treatment depends on the stage of the disease. Launched cases are difficult to treat.

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