How is cell division during crushing different from ordinary mitotic cell division in adult animals?

Crushing and division are invariable attributes of the process of reproduction and increase in the number of individuals living on Earth.
Crushing is a series of divisions of a fertilized egg of a multicellular animal organism. Crushing is the first stage of ontogenesis, the beginning of embryonic development.
Division is a term that has 2 meanings. In the first version, the process of asexual reproduction of plant, animal organisms, prokaryotes and fungi is meant. Division is the oldest way to increase the number of individuals. Such a process is very popular among unicellular organisms – amoeba, ciliates, chlorella, bacteria, and blue-green algae. A constriction forms on the body of the parent cell; in parallel, the entire set of contents floating in the cytoplasm doubles. The constriction is growing inexorably. For a while, the cage is like an hourglass. At the end of the division process 2, the same cells are “torn off” from one another.

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