How is each type of electromagnetic radiation produced?

The source of radio waves, as well as low-frequency radiation, is alternating current. The source of infrared radiation is the radiation of molecules and atoms under thermal and electrical influences. The source of visible radiation are valence electrons in atoms and molecules, which change their position in space, as well as free charges moving at an accelerated rate. The source of ultraviolet radiation is the valence electrons of atoms and molecules, as well as accelerated moving free charges. The most common X-ray source is an X-ray tube, in which electrons accelerated by an electric zero bombard a metal anode. X-rays can be produced by bombarding a target with high energy ions. Some radioactive isotopes and electron storage synchrotrons can also serve as X-ray sources. The Sun and other space objects are natural sources of X-ray radiation. Gamma radiation is associated with nuclear processes, the phenomena of radioactive decay that occur with certain substances, both on Earth and in space.

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