How long have people been using microorganisms?

The bacteria were first seen under a microscope and described in 1683 by the Dutch naturalist A. Levenguk. The size of bacteria ranges from 1 to 15 microns. A single bacterial cell can only be seen with a fairly sophisticated microscope, which is why they are called microorganisms. Microorganisms in the form of starter cultures for the preparation of beer and wine were deliberately used in Babylon (4 thousand years ago) and among the Sumerians (more than 5 thousand years ago). Now people use hundreds of types of microorganisms, and this number is growing. But a qualitative leap in their use occurred probably 20-30 years ago, when many genetic mechanisms of regulation of biochemical processes occurring in microorganisms were understood, and their genetics itself became as rigorous a science as the genetics of higher eukaryotes. All these years, there has been not only an increase in our knowledge of microorganisms, but also an improvement in the technology of their use for practical purposes. All this served as the basis for the creation of the microbiological industry – an important and independent industry of modern production.

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