How to add a program to startup in windows 10?

The user can add the program to the startup folder in Windows 10 using the “task Scheduler”. This method is most convenient because it allows you to add any programs to the startup with a small delay from the moment the computer starts. This approach allows you to reduce the number of programs that are turned on immediately after the computer starts. This approach also reduces the loading time.

To use this method, the user must complete the following steps:

1 Launch the task scheduler using the win+R combination and enter the command ” taskschd.msc”.
2 Click on create a simple task (the button is located on the right side of the screen).
3 after the wizard appears, enter the task name.
4 Select the “during computer startup” option.
5 Select “Start the program”.
6 Click the “Browse” button to select the program you need to add to the auto-Upload folder.
7 Select the program that you want to run with the start of the operating system.

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