How to apply a tourniquet in case of damage to large arterial vessels when injuring legs or arms?

The tourniquet is applied to clothing or to a cloth (a towel, a piece of gauze, a scarf) placed under it. It is led to a limb above the site of bleeding, about 3-5 cm from the wound, stretched very much, and then, without reducing tension, tightened around the limb and secured its ends.
With proper application, bleeding from the wound stops, the limb below the place of application of the tourniquet pales, the pulse on the arteries disappears. Under the tourniquet, a note must be laid with the date, hour and minutes of its overlay. The limb below the place of application of the tourniquet remains viable for 2 hours (1-1.5 hours in the winter outdoors), therefore, after the specified time, the tourniquet must be removed and after a few minutes put it in another place slightly higher.

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