How to choose the right profession?

While studying at school and other educational institutions, you need to keep track of which tasks are easier for you to solve, and which are more difficult, which subjects you like more, which ones less, and choose a profession that is associated with those tasks that are easier to solve and you like more.

1) Name at least 3 school subjects in which you really enjoy studying (not necessarily to the same extent);
2) Think about your hobbies, what you like to do in your free time: this can also help you in choosing a profession;
3) Make predictions for the future: ask on the Internet what specialties will be in demand in the coming years. Of course, money is not so important in life, and if a person does his job “perfectly”, sooner or later he will become one of the best specialists in his field. But what if the business you are going to do will take on a slightly different form in the future? What if some related area is in demand, in which you could also work?
4) Be interested in what representatives of certain professions are doing. On services like Youtube you can find many videos in which people talk about what they do in life, how much they like it. There are documentaries about various professions. But the best option is to meet a representative of the profession that is close to you. He will tell you in detail about all the pros and cons of both study and the work itself, give you good advice, help you decide and understand how this work is right for you.

When choosing a profession, you need to look not only at the level of salaries. It is also necessary that the chosen profession suits the person and pleases him. Going to work that you don’t like is a path to nervous breakdowns, which ultimately lead to poor health. If a profession suits a person, then he can achieve more in it. And there, and financial reward is not far away.

Now the reality is that a person changes his profession several times during his life. Of course, it is good if the basic profession was chosen correctly and the subsequent ones will be closely related to it. Now the rate of change in the world is the highest in the entire history of mankind and continues to grow. It will hardly be possible to limit ourselves to one profession, we have to constantly learn, develop and master a new one. Recently I raised this issue with my colleagues – many had 7-8 professions (for example, entrepreneur, teacher, journalist, trainer, consultant, salesman, manager). Therefore, in my opinion, it is worth choosing not one profession, but the direction of development – this increases the chances of a high quality of life. It is worth choosing a direction based on personal talents and inclinations, and not trying to guess what will be in demand in some years. The probability of not guessing is very high, and if a direction is chosen that does not like, does not ignite, does not carry away, work becomes a torment. Therefore, we study ourselves – and develop, develop, develop.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.