How to cultivate a strong will?

A person with a strong will is distinguished by patience and endurance. He is able to persistently move towards a dream, even if it is difficult and painful. And even if the long-awaited goal does not loom ahead and nothing portends its fulfillment. He is confident in the correctness of his actions, in his life philosophy and strictly adheres to his own rules, maintaining consistency for years. Therefore, strong-willed people are called stable and stubborn.
Due to the fact that he rarely listens to the opinions of others, it is sometimes impossible to convince him of something, the chance for this is given by strong argumentation, the only thing he will pay attention to. The character of a strong-willed person is distinguished by his decisiveness and ability to take risks, as well as his willingness to sacrifice his personal interests for the interests of the society in which he is located. That is why such people are often called heroes and erected monuments in their honor, give out medals and certificates.
To develop the willpower, you need to start with habits. It is necessary to abandon all that is destructive and bring only the creative. This is the first. Secondly, it is necessary to develop discipline, daily routine, and lifestyle. In general, I believe that discipline is the most important feature in a person when characterizing a strong personality. There will be nothing without discipline.

1. Marshmallow effect
Once, scientists conducted an experiment by closing small children in a room with a bunch of marshmallows and forbidden to touch it, promising a reward. So, the winners were those who managed to escape from the desired goodies. They sang, played with each other and painted, completely forgetting about sweets. And as it turned out, when we start to think about something forbidden, we will surely break loose. So there was a “marshmallow” effect and the main secret of powerful willpower. Therefore, if you quit smoking, you should not get a cigarette, convincing yourself that you just look, the best solution would be to switch your attention to something else, telling yourself that you will return to this question later.
2. Keep the promises
This is what distinguishes a strong person from the rest, because we understand that we can rely on him no matter what. It’s better not to give the floor if you are not sure that you will master it. If circumstances have changed, be sure to warn in advance so that that person has the opportunity to seek help from other people, and not to unexpectedly say anything directly because of your cowardice. See more here.
3. Discipline
The tempering of the spirit begins with discipline, sometimes very tough. Make yourself a schedule, go to bed, wake up at the same time, exercise every day, and most importantly – in no case give in to the desire to abandon everything. Busting yourself, over time you will experience pride in achievement. Make an action plan for a couple of months in advance. Define the main and intermediate goals and remember, as soon as you stop controlling the process – the character starts to weaken, and one day you will have to start again from the very beginning.
4. Motivation
The most powerful way is the right motivation. If a person realizes that he will get what he wants in only one way, provided that he really wants it, he will be ready to endure hardships and wait for as long as necessary, especially if he begins to notice that he is really approaching the goal. Check out the article “Top 10 Techniques for Increasing Motivation When You Don’t Know What to Do to Increase It”.
5. Balance in assessing consequences
All people react differently to failure and success, and their future activities and quality of life depend on this, in principle. So, scientists have come to the conclusion that if you keep a balance, you can stay afloat for a very long time. I mean, when the victorious finish looms ahead, and your affairs are better than nowhere, do not be too happy and relax. Change your train of thought a bit to be able to see reality and pitfalls.
Yes, it is worth considering the possible difficulties and problems that may unexpectedly arise in your way. And accordingly, about the benefits and resources of what failure will bring, if the mood is terrible and victory is not foreseen. You know that sometimes a loser gets more than a winner, namely an experience that becomes useful and decisive in the future.
6. Daily victory
There are useful exercises aimed at daily victory over oneself. It is necessary to make a list of avoided and unpleasant things. To begin with, choose the easiest task and complete it, gradually moving on to the most difficult and uninteresting ones. Or set a large-scale goal, determine the timeframe for achieving it and begin to approach it daily through certain efforts. So you will feel inspired, confident in your abilities and the joy of being able to learn and improve yourself.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.