How to fill your free time with useful things?

It is generally accepted that modern man suffers from a constant lack of time, that time, as a particularly valuable resource, acquires the status of a monetary unit in the twenty-first century, and that in the pursuit of time we are ready to waste our health, sacrifice relationships with loved ones, breaking off from ourselves time for a career and making money. Thus, people are so accustomed to the lack of time that when it suddenly appears, they can no longer spend it interestingly and rewardingly, there is always a feeling that time is being spent inappropriately, and there is a fear of idleness during rest. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the competent use of free time is the way to improve your creative skills, energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of usefulness in life. For confidence and satisfaction with our work and rest, we offer some tips on how to fill your free time with useful activities.
When a person has free time, he can fill it with not only meaningless deeds, but also useful ones. For example, he can do something around the house, for example, hammer a nail where he needs it or stick wallpaper, or he can just clean the apartment. You should not do idleness in your free time, watching TV or sitting near a computer. You need to remember what important things need to be done. Perhaps he needs to read some scientific material or need to visit a sick relative. Therefore, if there is free time, you must use it to good use.
In your free time it would be useful: to read a book, because when reading books, your horizons develop. Do all the homework that is possible. Take a walk, ventilate. Go to the library, read. Make some pleasant surprise for relatives. To do some housework, such as washing dishes, floors, cooking something. Exercise with younger siblings (if any).
If you really want to enjoy your free time, do not let other (superfluous) details squeeze into your after-hours. You need free time to improve your energy level, creativity, and so on. If you mix daily activities into your leisure, you will lose the feeling of the boundary between daily routine and free time. Accordingly, it will depreciate. It is advisable to exclude some activities from free time, for example, daily work, answers to e-mails and calls, watching TV, constant activity (free time deserves breaks for thought) and computer games – if you do not want to lose a sense of time in the game. In other words, exclude “weekend refinement”, “time on the Internet” and “mail replies” from your free time.

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