How to know who will be a boy or a girl

During pregnancy, many women want to know the sex of the child. This information will be interesting not only out of curiosity, but also for practical purposes: think about the design of a children’s room, buy clothes and toys for the right gender. There are ways to determine the sex of a child before it is born, but the accuracy is far from 100%. So you should not rely on folk signs much.

Ultrasound is the most accurate way to find out the sex of a child before it is born. From 14-16 weeks, you will be able to see who you are waiting for, if the baby does not cover himself with his hands. But even such a study does not guarantee the accuracy of the results. Therefore, you can only find out the sex of the child after birth, only then can you be sure that the information is reliable.

The future mother’s appetite is an excellent indicator for determining the child’s gender. It is believed that women carrying a boy eat more to give strength to the future hero. Preference is given to meat, salty or sour dishes. Pregnant women tend to eat less, choosing sweet dishes and fruits. It is worth paying attention to how a pregnant woman eats bread. If it starts with a hunchback, then it waits for a son, and if it tears off the crumb, it waits for a daughter.

Severe toxicosis indicates that the woman is pregnant with a boy. During the gestation of a girl, pregnancy is easier and calmer, and toxicosis either does not torment at all, or quickly stops. This is explained by the fact that male hormones disrupt the balance in the female body, and it appears something like an “Allergy”.

Appearance in General can also suggest the future sex of the child. It is believed that a little girl takes away the beauty of the mother, and a pregnant woman looks worse than before pregnancy. Hair becomes dull, skin color deteriorates, and acne may appear on the face. This is associated with the fact that the daughter takes female hormones from the mother’s body and this worsens the metabolism. While carrying a boy, women seem to blossom and become more beautiful every day: their hair becomes thick and shiny, their skin is clean and smooth. However, often pregnancy with a boy is accompanied by dry skin of the hands. But expectant mothers of girls do not face such a problem. A light halo of nipples foreshadows the appearance of a son, darkened-a daughter.

Pay attention to the legs – during pregnancy with a boy, they grow more hair, they are colder than usual and more swollen. With girls, everything remains at the same level and no changes are observed.

The mother’s behavior and changes in her character can help in predicting the child’s gender. Whimsical, emotional, and quickly irritated women are more likely to have daughters. And calm and balanced women carry a son under their heart.

The mother’s well-being strongly depends on the baby’s tummy. Boys charge a woman with energy, she becomes more active, she does not sit still and always wants to do something. But girls take all the strength, causing drowsiness, slowness and a desire to lie down longer in bed.

Carrying a daughter, women retain their grace, but with their son, their gait changes and becomes awkward. More often they stumble, crash into furniture, into jambs and ledges, so you should be careful.

If you ask a pregnant woman to show her hands, the expectant girl will most likely turn her palms up. And if instead she shows her hands with the back of her hand, she’s waiting for a boy.
The shape of the belly may also differ depending on the gender of the child. Girls usually hide in a wide, melon-like belly that swells at the sides. And the boys are in a round and neat tummy, like a football. It is also worth paying attention to which way the upper abdomen looks: if to the right, you should prepare for your son, and if to the left – for your daughter.

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