How to maintain visual acuity?

In order to maintain visual acuity, you need to know a few rules.
The room, workplace should be properly and adequately lit. The best is daylight. Light should fall in front and on the left side. In the evening you must use a table lamp. The distance from the eyes to the book should be no less than 30–35 cm. When working with the book for a long time, you need to take 10-minute breaks after 30–40 minutes.
You can’t watch TV for a long time, because it causes an overstrain of the nervous system, impairs memory, weakens attention, reduces visual acuity, and the ability to distinguish colors. Based on hygiene standards, the time for watching TV for older students should not exceed 1.5 hours a day.
The distance to the computer monitor should be 60-70 cm, the size of its screen diagonally should be at least 31 cm, the screen should be with a filter.
Reading has a negative effect on vision in poor lighting, on the go, in public transport. The unstable position of the book quickly leads to eye fatigue.

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