How to relieve emotional stress?

To quickly normalize your condition after trouble, it is useful to give yourself physical activity: work in the garden or chop wood, chop wood, just walk. The involuntary contraction of individual muscles that occurs in many people at the time of excitement is a reflexively strengthened form of the discharge of emotional stress. As soon as a person begins to move, the excitement decreases.
There are other ways to reduce stress: consult with a loved one, just talk to him, listen to music, or even cry. No matter how bitter the tears are, they contribute to the discharge of negative emotions – after them it becomes easier.
Music therapy was practiced by ancient doctors. In a number of countries, music therapy and healing music societies have been established. It is good to listen to music in a difficult moment; it eases sorrow and relieves fatigue.
You can pour out emotional stress in letters, poems, and a story. This form is especially convenient for closed and secretive people.
Anyone who can make himself smile at a difficult moment will receive some relief. Laughter can also serve as a means of defusing emotional stress – thanks to it, the brain is more intensely freed from metabolic products and a feeling of freshness arises.
Quickly relieves tension and general muscle relaxation – relaxation. With anxiety, agitation, irritation, muscle tone is increased, while in a state of peace of mind the muscles are relaxed. It is necessary to develop a habit of relaxing muscles in all cases when discomfort and stress arise. When relaxing, it is difficult or even impossible to get very angry. The relaxation method is useful when you need to quickly, in 5-10 minutes, bring yourself to a calm state.

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