How, under the influence of a new social role, personality restructuring can occur?

The content and structure of a person’s personality are not something frozen. Under the influence of a new social role, restructuring of the personality can occur. This process also takes place in military service. Having assumed the social role of a warrior, a person finds himself in a new environment. Now his personality is constantly influenced by commanders, bosses, colleagues; weapons and military equipment; classes, exercises; duty roster; performance of sudden complex and urgent tasks. Under the influence of these strong factors, a soldier forms high and noble features of a defender of the Fatherland, and his maturation occurs. The personality of a warrior is enriched by such qualities as a love of weapons, responsibility for his work, the most important character traits (courage, perseverance, courage, discipline, collectivism) are developing. Changes are also taking place in temperament: the warrior becomes more restrained, calm, balanced and confident.
Thus, a new social role can to some extent change the personality of a person.

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