How was Phenicia different from Egypt and Babylonia?

The Babylonian kingdom is an ancient state that was located on the territory of modern Iraq, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan. Phenicia was also part of this Arab kingdom. Mostly, more than 3/4 of the territory of Babylonia was occupied by the desert. Agriculture flourished only near large rivers and lakes. Egypt is located on the African continent, about 96% of which is desert. However, the remaining 4% is in the Nile Valley and is one of the most fertile lands on the planet. There are practically no rains in Egypt.

Phenicia is an ancient state, which was located on a rather narrow territory by the standards of states, between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains. It was located on the territory of modern Lebanon and Syria. There were no large rivers and lakes in Phenicia, and there was not enough territory for fields and pastures. However, there were forests and it rained more often than in Egypt or Babylonia, which contributed to the development of agriculture. The Lebanese mountains fenced off Phenicia from the dry winds of the desert, which made the climate of this state milder.

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