Identify similarities and differences in creeds (fill in the table Catholic, Lutheran, Calvin, and Anglican)

Questions for
Catholicism Lutheranism Calvinism Anglicanism
Features of the doctrine of the salvation of the soul The salvation of the soul lies through the church (following the commandments, doing good deeds, confessing to the priests). Salvation is bestowed on man directly by God. Before birth, God divided people into two categories.
Some were destined for “salvation”, or heavenly
bliss, others for “destruction” – hell and torment.
You can save your soul through the church.
The role of priests Only priests can interpret the Bible and forgive sins. The priests only explain the Bible. Preachers keep an eye on morality. The role of priests (to interpret the Bible and forgive sins) has been preserved.
Rule of power Pope prince community king
The language of worship Latin native language native language English
Relation to the wealth of the
Positive (rich interior decoration of
Negative (Lutheran temples were distinguished by their modesty and simplicity). Negative (the profit received could not be spent on luxury and idleness). Positive (rich interior decoration of
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