Identify the causes of the crisis of absolutism in France

1) defeat in the Seven Years War, loss of colonial possessions;
2) loss of the king’s authority due to huge spending on entertainment;
3) loss of the king’s reputation as the highest impartial judge (he became the object of ridicule);
4) the failure of the reformist policy of Jacques Turgot;
5) lean years, famine and “grain riots” in the country;
6) the spread of the ideology of the Enlightenment.
In 1774, Louis XVI began to pursue a policy of reform. He restored the Parisian parliament and appointed Jacques Turgot as finance minister. Turgot proposed not to introduce new taxes, abolished fixed prices for grain, was going to abolish the seigneurial rights of the nobility and the church. 1774 turned out to be a poor harvest, the prices of bread rose sharply, the people demanded that Turgot be dismissed. The king was hesitant, Turgot was removed from his post, and the reforms were canceled.

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