Identify the differences between the States General of 1614 and 1789.

For the first time during the elections, the government allowed the population to draw up orders to their deputies, townspeople and peasants received the right to express their demands. The deputies from the third estate were elected in double numbers.
The king’s speech at the opening of the States General, demanding the approval of new taxes, caused outrage among the representatives of the third estate. The deputies of the third estate demanded to vote jointly, not word by word. In this case, they had the upper hand in voting.
On June 17, the deputies proclaimed themselves the National Assembly, whose decisions could not even be canceled by the king himself. Some of the deputies of the first and second estates joined the supporters of the reforms.
The deputies of the third estate were ready to change the state system of France. On July 9, 1789, the Constituent Assembly was formed. The newspapers wrote that a bloodless revolution had taken place in France.

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