If the crescent of the Moon is narrow and very similar to the letter “C”, will the Moon be visible in three Earth days?

If you see such a crescent moon in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, then the Moon is now “old”, and a new moon will occur in a few days. In this case, our natural satellite, most likely, will not be visible. However, during the new moon, a solar eclipse can occur, and then the disk of the moon will be visible on the disk of the sun. In addition, if you now see a very thin crescent of the Moon less than two days before the new moon, then in three days you will have a chance to see a narrow crescent of the “young” Moon.
If you saw such a crescent moon in the southern hemisphere of the Earth, then this is a “young” moon, and in three days the crescent will become thicker and will be even better seen in the evening sky.

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