If there was a rocket that could travel outside the solar system, would it be possible to fly it to some constellation?

A constellation is a conventionally defined area of ​​the sky, within which there were luminaries located at different distances from us. Therefore, the expression “fly to the constellation” is meaningless. From the Earth, it seems to us that the distant stars are lined up in such a way that we have got different scoops, triangles and other shapes, but all this only seems to be. If you imagine some brave astronauts who nevertheless decide to fly to a constellation, for example, to the constellation Ursa Major, then, approaching the goal of their journey, they will find that there is no stellar bucket. It’s hard to believe it, but you can still understand it. It is enough to take a walk in the forest. From a distance of one or two kilometers, it looks like a solid green wall, but if you get closer to it, individual trees are gradually distinguished. Upon entering the forest, you will notice that the green wall is gradually disappearing and will soon disappear altogether. Therefore, it is impossible to fly to any constellation.

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