In the early evening, you see the blood-red moon rising. What phenomenon have you witnessed?

Most likely, you have witnessed how differently the earth’s atmosphere absorbs rays of different colors. When a luminary is near the horizon, it is felt most strongly. Most of all, blue rays are absorbed (and scattered), by the way, which is why the clear daytime sky is blue. Reds are absorbed least of all, they are mainly and reach your eyes when you see the red moon.
It is less likely, although possible, that you have witnessed a lunar eclipse. When the Moon is in the shadow of the Earth, it becomes red (the reason for this, again, in the absorption of light by the Earth’s atmosphere). But if the Moon only rises above the horizon during an eclipse, then the Sun has just set in the opposite point of the sky, and it is still very light. And seeing the moon in an eclipse in a bright sky is not easy.

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