In what order should first aid be provided for acute heart failure and stroke?

The sequence of first aid for heart failure:
• give the victim a comfortable half-sitting position in bed and provide him with an influx of fresh air (open the window, window, door);
• Spray the victim’s face and neck with cool water and let him smell ammonia;
• overlay the victim with heating pads;
• give the victim validol (nitroglycerin) under the tongue or corvalol (40 drops per 100 ml of water);
• urgently call an ambulance. First rendering sequence
medical care for stroke:
• urgently call an ambulance;
• put the victim in a comfortable position, loosen tight clothing on his neck, chest, and waist;
• provide him with an influx of fresh air;
• check the presence of breathing, in its absence, make artificial respiration;
• check for the presence of a pulse; in its absence, start resuscitation;
• if there are no injuries to the head, neck or spine, help the patient roll onto the damaged side; slightly raise his head and chest and place pillows or a blanket under them; cover with a blanket, cold can be applied to the head.

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