In which climatic zones are cover glaciers, in which mountain ones?

Covering or mainland glaciers – Antarctica (arctic / Antarctic climate zone) and Greenland (arctic belt)
Mountain glaciers – sub-arctic (mountains of Chukotka, Ural), arctic (Wrangel Island), moderate (Greater Caucasus, Altai)
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The water regime of a river is the change in time of water flow in streams (rivers), reservoirs (lakes, reservoirs) and in other water bodies (swamps).
The annual river flow is the amount of water flowing over a living section of a river over a year.
High water is a flood of a river when snow melts and breaks from ice in the spring.
A leash is the raising of a level of water in a river as a result of the rapid melting of snow, from showers.
Low water – this is the lowest level in the river, lake, as well as the period of the lowest level of mid-summer.

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