In which countries that fought in World War II, was a person most free?

I must say that all the inhabitants of the countries occupied by the fascists had a difficult situation. They had to work day and night for the German economy and endure humiliation in the process. Many young people, people and girls from the Soviet Union, Ukraine, Poland were driven away to Germany, they had to work there. The German economy at that time flourished due to practically slave labor.
The life of the average American was relatively prosperous.
They did not grumble, despite the fact that they had to work several times more and did not raise their salaries. Before the war, the Americans did not live well, so in this situation they were able to accept the prevailing conditions with dignity. They even made simple paramilitary clothing fashionable. The situation of the British, who had to starve because of the naval blockade, was somewhat more difficult, but since 1943 their standard of living almost approached the American one.
Soviet people worked at the limit of human capabilities. All the forces of the rear services were sent to military needs. People worked for days, and the state could provide them with only the most necessary, because most of the food went to the needs of the army. The workers of the rear got tiny rations on the cards. Particularly difficult was the situation of the inhabitants of besieged Leningrad, where a person was given a daily ration of 150-200 grams of bad bread.

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