In which Latin American country in the first half of the 20th century, did the revolution win?

The result of the wars of liberation in the first quarter of the 19th century in Latin America was the formation of independent states. By their nature, these wars were unfinished bourgeois revolutions that did not resolve many of the issues facing them, including the land one. The landlords retained huge estates and political power. In a number of countries until the mid-50s. XIX century. slavery continued to exist, and in Brazil – until the 80s. All this hampered the capitalist development of Latin American countries, but the national liberation movement expanded. Tasks solved: Formation of independent states.
Republican form of government in most countries Outstanding tasks: Land reform has not been carried out. Remnants of slavery have not been eradicated. The landlords retained enormous political power. The bourgeois class took too long to build. The dependence of Latin American countries on foreign capital persisted until the end of the 20th century (and continues to this day).

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